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jonny malfunction
self-titled cassette
no longer available
unless you ask very nicely
*independence day
*the ozark mountain frog's banjo song
*modern art masterpiece
*drive all night
*the blue ridge mountain frog's banjo song
*jesus don't eat me
*watching you drive
*independence day
*morning song

various artists
unsightly wombat comp
coming soon

david & the yellowad
"the six monsters" EP
*the monster is coming
*the remote
*what the monster said
*stolen tv
*the fifth monster
*the monster is dead

the normal gnomes
"conveniently sleepy"
cassette only, for now

debut album from jonathan and adam snider, with assistance from the great ryan ferrell (all of house proud town mouse fame). pop, folk, noise, tape collage, bossa nova, rock, all of these seemingly incompatible styles merge together into a sprawling yet surprisingly cohesive album about dreams, memories and ideas. recorded over a few months on a four track, an eight track and a "take-a-long" tape recorder in some bedrooms and back porches.

*zensoukyoku: kyokujitsu
*trombone (i am a mountain)
*road song (toad song)
*song for snow
*there's death in your glasses
*pictures of buildings
*pictures of mountains
*things are gonna get ugly
*"you've replaced us with a bunch of barking dogs!"
*they were so happy they danced and sang
*pictures of stars
*the eel and i
*harmonica song
*dalmation is necessary
*bird on a wire (don't tell leonard cohen)

the house proud town mouse
"the promised land" EP
*i can't go swimming (cos i got $2 and a harmonica in my pocket)
*the promised land
*the morning song

the unfriendly anti-social sperm fiends
"we sold our soles for rocks and rolls"

debut EP from the hardest rocking artists in the unsightly wombat stable. a noisy affair fraught with feedback, musique concrete dabblings, and linked by bizarre mood pieces. psychedelic hardcore punk at its finest. includes the unsightly wombat records theme song "wombat stomp", the teenage outcast anthem "the wooden leg of a centipede" plus a reworked version of their first single "99 clunk part one".

*wombat stomp
*fuck shit damn
*horse manure
*99 clunk part one
*the wooden leg of a centipede
*dada plugh

david and the yellowad
"the cooks and the chefs"

the first full-length album from david clapp & co. a concept record with an extremely intricate plot about cooks, chefs, food, fire, fears and grammar. this time around, the yellowad provide dark, haunting soundscapes that both enhance and contrast david's child-like yet apocalyptic lyrics.

the house proud town mouse
"can you dig it?"

the house proud town mouse's first long player. somewhat different from the town mouse we all know and love today, this record features lots of drum machines and was recorded entirely on a computer. it was originally intended to be a concept album entitled "strolling along the beach under the warm sun wearing a tuxedo and eating a tub of i can't believe it's not butter." the highlight is the six minute tape collage which concludes the album, "beyond the valley of the land immediately beyond the land of the biscuit horse."

*ante bellum (before the war)
*tightly clutching my...
*joe bob was an asteroid
*maybe i
*coastal pig battle
*dog song pt.1 (the nightmare)
*the painting song (i think i will)
*dog song pt.2 (the awakening)
*medical dan
*biscuit horse/beyond the valley of the land immediately beyond the land of the biscuit horse

the house proud town mouse
"live at jackrabbits"

live recording of a show at (of course) jackrabbits in the town that grew the mouse, jacksonville, FL. jon was borrowing a friend's amp and it broke halfway through "reasy oum (you are an alien)." sorry about that, rosalie. they cover two songs from guided by voices' fantastic album "alien lanes." featuring plenty of new songs, live at jackrabbits is a loud and fun live album for the whole family. also features a performance by the flaming wreckages from the same show.

*freeze block wizard
*candy cries/snow music
*maybe i
*come back/vaseline afterthought
*a good flying bird(sprout)
*they're only pictures of teeth
*reasey oum (you are an alien)
*motor away(r.pollard-sprout)
*encore: the flaming wreckages

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