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who or what is the house proud town mouse?
yes child, yes child. softly spoken dreams of noisy sounds. so begins the town mouse. we, a band of three from florida, being spanglish for "land of the flowers" or something like that. ryan, jon, adam. three jacksonvillian children. plays the folk band. make cassettes monthly, weekly, bi-quarterly.

plays the punk band. "they'll never last the long." weren't they right? so splits the mouse. the mouse re-forms adamless. gets really into x and pink floyd. the mysterious head joins and soon is booted. headless mice makes the can you dig it?. soon joins the clapp. bass he plays on the horse of the biscuit. soon rejoins the adam. the line up is now completed.

soon the mouse plays the live show. boring boring. records more. plays more. records more. plays less. records more. new album soon. we love you all.

this is not really the story of the mouse, percy. do it shall for now, sal. go back to your vegan eateries and sleep in the drawer. or possibly the basket.