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favouritessunset pic by the lovely lynzee j. anderson.

.the secret life of salvador dali by salvador dali
.understanding media: the extensions of man by marshall mcluhan
.the doors of perception by aldous huxley
.ulysses by james joyce
.steal this book by abbie hoffman
.bound for glory by woody guthrie
.dirk gently's holistic detective agency by douglas adams
.tristessa by jack kerouac
record albums

.in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel
.wave by antonio carlos jobim
.hunky dory by david bowie
.the first imaginary symphony for nomad by the music tapes
.aqualung by jethro tull
.bee thousand by guided by voices
.black foliage: animation music by the olivia tremor control
.monorails and satellites by sun ra
.the glow pt 2 by the microphones
.a spectrum of infinite scale by man...or astro-man?
home is where the heart is