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who are we?picture of the snow taken by ian simpson, edited by the jon. clicketh to enter the domain of sir ian.who we are.
jonachon plays guitar, casio, ukelele, banjo, accordian, fuzz bass, tape manipulation and sings on most of the songs. he was born in lynchburg, VA and is a gemini. his favorite song right now is "cabinessence" by the beach boys. he thinks he's so educated and he's so civilized cos he's a strict vegetarian. someday jon hopes to visit a waterfall and make a film about jehovah's witnesses. he also has a solo project called the normal gnomes.

the astounding ferrellhorse plays guitar, keyboard, banjo, drums, random instruments and sings. he was born somewhere in maryland and is an aquarias. he has a solo project also called the astounding ferrellhorse. sir horse must eventually tell us more about himself so he can be featured more prominently on this page.

maxx power plays the bass, clarinet, things and sings the occasional number for us. he was born somewhere on the east coast of the united states and is an aries. mr. power is a bird enthusiast who also enjoys drawing. in addition to his duties with the hptm, he is also the founding member of the strumpet army. he someday should tell us more about himself.

adamada plays the drums, bongos, gong, various percussion instruments and sings once in a blue moon. he was born in st. augustine, FL and is a sagittarius. he is a big fan of yoko ono who enjoys cooking and trains. adamada is also the mastermind behind the asian elvis experience. more, i say, more.
slick as a salted slug